Tournament format will be Big 3 (three biggest fish) with a 1 grass carp limit for each regular tournament. (This means that only one grass carp may be weighed in.  No limits in the boat.)

Entry fee will be $75 for regular tournaments.  This will also cover Big Fish and Summer Series points. 

Teams and their boats will be required to be on sight before the tournament begins in order to participate.  Boat inspections may or may not be performed at this time. 

Teams may trailer to any public boat ramp. 

Teams may consist of up to four people.   Identification of persons participating is required upon request. 

Each team will be allowed the use of only one boat during the tournament.

 All teams must be checked in and present at weigh-in by the designated time or be disqualified. 

Only legal rough fish are to be weighed.  Catfish are not allowed.  NO GAME FISH.  NO AUTOMATIC REFUNDS OF ENTRY FEES.  Fees or any portion of fees refunded will be the decision of tournament officials and will be based on reason of cancellation.  No fees will be refunded after the start of the tournament.  All participants must check out upon leaving the tournament either by phone or direct communication

            As a participant in this tournament, whether fishing or otherwise, I, along with all participants and/or spectators in my group, agree to abide by all state and local regulations regarding bow fishing laws and limits, boating and marine safety laws and regulations, and any additional rules set forth by Copperhead’s Outdoors at the time of the tournament.  I release Copperhead’s Outdoors from all liability of any and all damages and/or loss of property from injuries or accidents incurred or occurring during this tournament. I agree that all decisions concerning weigh-in eligibility and totals made by Copperhead’s Outdoors or its representatives are final and will not be contested.  I agree to avoid all Red Zones and/or residential areas where lights and noise might be considered a nuisance. .  A representative of each team, (chosen by that team), has read and understands these rules and regulations and by signing up for the tournament, has accepted and agreed to abide by them.  

Copperhead’s Outdoors Bowfishing Tournament Rules

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